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TweakBit Anti-Malware

Scans your PC to find malware or other security issues, and neutralizes
them to help make your computer safe and secure again.

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How TweakBit Anti-Malware Works

  • Stops running malicious items Active threats don't stand a chance

    TweakBit Anti-Malware will check your PC's memory for malicious programs that could be running, point out suspected malware and let you stop and quarantine security threats. It will not interfere with your main antivirus program, and like all anti-malware solutions, should be run in addition to an antivirus program.

  • Removes tracking cookies Your activity is none of anyone else's business

    The program detects and lets you remove Internet cookies that get saved to your PC during web browsing and may track every step you take online or even on your PC. Most of us hate the idea of being spied on and having our personal information transmitted somewhere without our knowledge or approval. Getting rid of tracking cookies helps keep your data private and out of undesirable hands.

  • Eliminates suspicious registry entries Check the first place to look for traces of malware

    TAM will scan your system registry for signs of malware or other suspicious items, analyze any detected threats and let you resolve them. It will also look at the auto-start items saved to the registry to see if they might pose a security threat and recommend actions to be taken. The heart of your Windows system will stay protected from unauthorized access and malicious modifications.

  • Scans Task Scheduler and browser extensions Get malware removed from every corner of your system

    On most computers there are multiple tasks scheduled to run at a specific time. Malware can often grab a spot in the schedule and wreak havoc on your system behind your back. Browser extensions aren’t always clean and legitimate and may include tracking or malicious functionality. Deal with all of these issues today so you can enjoy the secure feeling when using your computer or going online.

What You Get with TweakBit Anti-Malware

  • Detects malicious items you'd
    never suspect existed
  • Flexible scheduling of automatic
  • Easy to set up and run,
    very user-friendly interface
  • Small program size is light on
    system resources, so your PC
    works just as fast
  • Keeps your computer safe and
    secure, giving you the peace of
    mind you need
  • Does not require an Internet
    connection to run

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$59.95 $29.95
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