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Is TweakBit a Virus?

When you see an unfamiliar program, it is smart to check whether it could be malicious before downloading or running it. Users who are not familiar with TweakBit may ask whether it is a virus.

A virus is a program that infects your computer and may cause data loss, system crashes and various other headaches. TweakBit software is guaranteed to be virus-free. The company is dedicated to user safety and to improving computer performance. TweakBit’s products are designed to resolve various PC performance issues, to patch security holes and to protect user privacy and data.

Besides performance enhancing programs, the company’s line of products includes TweakBit Anti-Malware – a powerful helper for any antivirus, which cleans up and protects PC from spyware, adware and many other kinds of malware. TweakBit Anti-Malware is a small program that won’t slow down your computer and can work with most modern antivirus programs without causing any conflicts. It can catch threats your antivirus may miss, improving your PC’s overall security.

TweakBit is dedicated not only to high-quality innovative software that lets you easily tweak, clean, speed up, fix and optimize your computer, but also to user convenience and simplicity. All of the company’s products are easy to set up and run, so that you won’t need to have any special technical skills to work with them. All paid products come with a money-back guarantee that lets a user get a full refund if the software doesn’t work for their system. The 24/7 dedicated customer support team is always there to answer user questions or address issues.

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